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Clevershot supplies and manages networked time-lapse 4K video cameras, with pre-programmed hardware, an Interactive Image Platform IIP portal and cloud storage facilities.

Our time-lapse systems are used in short-term (1-90 days) and long-term (upto and beyond 3 years) projects.



This is our powerful, 4K & 4G LTE, 8.3MP construction site camera which has a super-wide-angle varifocal lens. It has a remote optical zoom, one-click focus and P-iris control.

This system captures and transmits images in 3840 x 2160 pixels which we can used seamlessly alongside footage from our multi-megapixel still and video cameras.

The whole system is IP66 rated therefore it is sealed and can withstand outdoor elements and dusty environments.

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Set Up

Our pre-programming service, removes the need to outsource elements of the installation. No electrician or specialist camera installer is required; we take care of all the technical configuration at Clevershot. All you do is position and power, then the image archive and remote viewing are instantly operational. Part of our included pre-build service is installing your Camera to a Remote Cloud Host. From your home or office, simply log in and transfer the images to your PC or MAC, anytime, anywhere. For a more interactive viewing experience, you can upgrade to one of our Interactive Image Platform (IIP). Example videos available upon request.

Time-lapse in brief

Time-lapse photography shows progress and/or change over periods of time in a series of high resolution photographs, blended together to create a film to show an illusion of time passing quickly. Time intervals of each photograph can vary from as low as 1 per second to 1 per 10 minutes depending on your project.


Our robust and secure systems are bespoke to your requirements. Please contact us via email to discuss your brief: enquiries@clevershot.co.uk

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